Diamond Mine

Diamond Mine Casino For Free

Diamond Mine, available in the Casino Midas NZ lobby, will attract both the avid, longtime Pokie fans and those that are just now swinging their pick into the soil of this world. With the high-end graphics, animation, and sound effects of RTG, coupled with all that winning potential, this one could become one of your new favorites.

The first thing you will probably notice is the simplistic setup, with the single line, three-reel play. That shouldn’t make the winning potential come into question, because the multipliers you could walk away with are nothing short of awesome. Also, the realism of the Free Slots, with small but important details, like the pull bar and the 3D depth of the machine, add even more engagement.

Placing Bets

You set your wager and how much you could win by setting the value of each coin. Then, you decide how many coins you want to play, which can be anywhere from one to three. You will notice that the more coins you play, the more coins you stand to win, as you will see on the paytable. Setting the value of the coins does not just apply to the coins you are wagering, but also the coins that you win. Your total wager is determined by the number of coins you play multiplied by the denomination of each coin. If you play three coins and value them at $1, you’re wagering $3.

Paytable and Payouts

When playing a larger, more complex Pokie, you normally have to go into the help menu to see the payouts for each symbol combination. In Diamond Mine, the paytable is presented above the reel so that you never have to go a moment without easily being able to see it. It only takes one cherry symbol to result in a multiplier, and lining up three of the 2x symbols results in the Jackpot. They also can double and even quadruple winnings.

It is always recommended that you play with three coins, because hitting the jackpot with one coin results in an 800-coin payout, and hitting it with three coins results in a 3,000-coin payout. As stated in the “Placing Bets” section, the value of the winning coins is the value of the coins you bet with. If you set your coin value to $1, play all three coins, and win the jackpot, you win $3,000!

At Casino Midas, you can use your Welcome Bonus bucks to play this game and our many others, where you can earn up to $1,500 just for depositing! Diamond Mine is waiting patiently to be conquered by you and download casino midas today!

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